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Here are the top ten articles for the Urban Legends Site! These rankings are live and get reset at the beginning of each month, so check back often to see what your fellow visitors are most interested in!

1. What is an Urban Legend?
Analyzing the characteristics that make up an Urban Legend.

2. How to Spot an Urban Legend in Your Email
Clues to Urban Legends and hoax emails.

3. Urban Legend Characteristics
What is an urban legend and how do they differ from other types of stories? We find out how all urban legends are linked together and how they are different from other types of stories.

4. The Legend of Medusa
Medusa was once a beautiful young lady and was eventually turned into a hideous beast with snakes for hair and the power to turn people into stone when they looked at her eyes. Read my article to find out why it happened.

5. Cinematic Curse : Rosemary's Baby
The movie became one of the staples for horror fans. "Rosemary's Baby" did more than frighten onscreen. It was also connected with several events that stunned the nation.

6. The Portly Tale of a Slender Man
"Slender Man" lore has overtaken a good portion of the internet. Sightings of this character grow more frequent each day. Here's the full story behind the Slender Man craze.

7. Getting Stuck at the Gas Pump
There are variations on this hoax - that people are getting stuck on needles in telephone change drawers, on gas pumps, in soda machines. They´re all false.

8. Horse Statues and the Soldiers Who Ride Them
Is there any correlation between how many hooves are in the air on statues of soldiers on horseback and how the soldiers died?

9. Cinematic Curse : The Poltergeist Trilogy
"Poltergeist" was a blockbuster upon release, but was the film cursed? A variety of deaths and strange events have kept rumors alive for decades.

10. The Bloody Countess
Did you hear about the Bloody Countess? She was the most prolific female serial murderer ever recorded. The Countess bathed in the blood of 700 victims to stay young and beautiful. She was sealed alive in her own castle as punishment.

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